Biotech has in one way or another been around for thousands of years, yet is constantly driving cutting edge research and innovation – perhaps today more than ever. Anocca is a Swedish privately funded biotech company with a primary focus on developing technologies, diagnostics and therapeutic strategies for individualized management of oncological, autoimmune and inflammatory conditions through harnessing adaptive immunity. Mikael Blomqvist has been involved in Anocca since the start and is in addition to being a financial investor also chairman of the board.

Founded: 2013
Company registration number: 556946-2384
Headquarters: Karlskrona Sweden
CEO: Reagan Jarvis


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Big Data storage is both one of today’s most demanding and competetive industries – with enormous possibilities for the player with innovation and performance delivered in the same package.

In 2011, Mikael Blomqvist in addition to invest financially, became the chairman of Compuverde and started turning the unique technological potential of the company into something ready for the market. And what a development it has been.

Compuverde today supports existing as well as future storage needs by providing a software-defined and horizontally aligned storage platform and is being used by telecom-, bank-, media- and surveillance companies all over the world. Global by demand, Swedish by design, Compuverde is history in the making by redefining an entire industry.

In 2019 Compuverde was acquired by San Francisco based Pure Storage,

Founded: 2000
Company registration number: 556590-1369
Headquarters: Karlskrona Sweden
CEO: Stefan Bernbo


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The story about Roxtec is a true success story. A success story, that like a few other, started in a garage in the early nineties. What got the wheels spinning was the invention of the Multidiameter, a unique solution that makes it possible to seal almost all types of cables and pipes.

Roxtec evolved in that garage for a few months before moving the business to its current locations on the island of Verkö, Karlskrona – a place where the company’s global headquarters are still. The ambition when starting up was to take at least 50 % of the global market for modular-based-seals. About 4 years after stating this ambitious goal, it was a fact. The potential of Roxetc was even greater than Mikael could ever had imagined. A higher gear was put in and a brand new mindset was implemented in the company. This lead to some amazing results and Roxtec is today world leading in the supply of modular based seals industry. In 2005 and 2007, Mikael Blomqvist sold his parts in the company to the well known swedish businessman Rune Andersson who, through his investment group Mellby Gård, continues to develop the company.

Founded: 2002
Company registration number: 556621-3301
Headquarters: Karlskrona Sweden
CEO: Mikael Helmersson


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In 1995 Mikael Blomqvist founded Metget, a company who became one of the leaders in the market of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). The name Metget came from the company address, Metallgatan in Ronneby, Sweden.

In 1995 RFID wasn’t particularly common but Mikael had came in contact with this new technology through Swedish business partners. Mikael soon realized the potential of this market with the effect of him starting Metget. But with this start-up Mikael had to face some challenges. This as it turned out that a whole new infrastructure was needed in order to make this technology fully implementable and usable. But what started of in a modest scale soon grew stronger and Metget were one of the market leading companies and with an average growth rate of some 60 % annually. In the US, the market had grown even more and industry giants Assa Abloy invested heavily in the RFID area with plans for taking over the market. All having the effect that when Metget presented their consolidation plan, an agreement was entered between the two companies and Assa Abloy acquired Metget. The RFID market has since continued to develop and is today a common technology used everywhere.

Metget is as of 2003 part of Assa Abloy.

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Proactivity is the only defence. A ground thesis for Outpost 24, the global information security company with its base on the waterfront in Karlskrona.

Outpost 24 provides state of the art vulnerability management technology for modern businesses by being far front in developing early warning and network security. Their key to success? They manage to do their thing in the easiest of ways while at the same delivering on par and beyond when it comes to results.

Michano sold all shares to the investment company Monterro in 2016 but was an early investor in the company that now has offices in 40 countries with over 2000 commercial and government clients worldwide.

Founded: 2001
Company registration number: 556615-2103
Headquarters: Karlskrona Sweden
CEO: Martin Henricson


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Michano Business Center

As part of the business, Michano also provides working places for many small and mid-sized companies in Karlskrona. With two locations, one in the city center and one on the island of Verkö, right next to the ferry to Poland, Michano Business Center is well equipped to meet any need that might arise from companies at different stages in their business life. The property in Karlskrona’s city center is closely connected to the ”Landbron” property whereas the one on the island of Verkö is even more flexible with the ability to in a rapid and flexible way adapt each office area to perfectly suit that specific company’s needs and preferences.

Interested in joining other inspiring, ambitious companies located at Michano Business Center? Contact us to see if we can find your perfect office-match.

Studio Furillen

Sun. Wind. Nature. Light. Peace and quiet in amazing interior designs and surroundings. A opportunity to recreate, breath, recharge and create. The unique construction, that almost seems to be floating over the ground, provides a sense of privacy as well as an amazing space for creativity. Studio Furillen is a place that with innovative architecture easily can be turned into whatever will fit your mood and needs. A studio where you can come to find new inspiration, give life to new innovations or just to relax for a while in award-winning environments.  Convinced that the combination of nature, the building itself and isolated location would be ideal to benefit both business and pleasure, brain and heart, Mikael Blomqvist had Studio Furillen built in 2011. The architect behind the fantastic steel construction is Andreas Forsberg and the duo’s masterpiece has continued to amaze ever since.

Landbron/Neptuni Torg

The historical gateway to Karlskrona demanded a careful yet thorough hand when work with rebuilding the old town yard and bazaar that had been part of the city’s landscape for so long. Extra work went into creating the perfect mix between a modern, functional store/restaurant complex and a piece fitting the world heritage status of Karlskrona. The result is a classy yet available meeting place where experiences are at center stage – with food, interior decoration and music delivered in a setup that oozes engagement and low-key style.


The Kungshall storehouse This beautiful old storehouse on Stumholmen in the southern Swedish archipelago is a part of the ”World Heritage”  The storehouse was built in the end of the eighteen century , between the years 1782-92 to be more precise, as a part of The Bastion Kungshall. A bastion that was included in the 1680 Act of Consolidation Plan for the naval city of Karlskrona. Today, Kungshall is a sleeping beauty for which there are great plans – the location, architecture and history demands something grand. And something grand it will be – connecting history and future.

Other properties

Apart from what has already been mentioned, Michano has also had a great interest in the whole island of Furillen outside of Gotland. The intention was originally to create creative retreats for artists where they could come and find the peace perhaps needed to put together the next masterpiece. The investment in the island of Furillen also included a spectacular hotel built where once stood an enormous concrete factory by the water. Michano sold all shares of the Furillen investment to Nobis Group in 2012 and instead focused on building ”Studio Furillen”.

In Karlskrona, Michano has also forever changed the city’s look and feel with the part sponsorship of the so called ”Spanish stairs” on the eastern side of the city square as well as putting up a ground-breaking property in the city centre which around town goes under the name of ”the cornerhouse”. This was sold to investors in 2013.

Michano was also responsible for the complete refurbishment of the old industrial building on the island of Verkö that had formerly housed the company Åkerman. With a visionary and steady hand, the building complex was turned into a modern and functional office space that resulted in the recognition ”Refurbishing project of the year” in 2008.

And if that wasn’t enough – while being the CEO for Roxtec, Mikael Blomqvist the headquarters in Karlskrona was recognized as ”Sweden’s most beautiful office” in 1999.


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Landbron/Neptuni Torg


Landbron/Neptuni Torg


Michano Business Center


Michano Business Center


Michano Business Center

Kulturkub, Furillen

Studio Furillen

Kulturkub, Furillen

Studio Furillen


Studio Furillen